Palmrosa Oil
Description :

The therapeutic properties of Palmarosa oil are antiseptic, antiviral, bactericide, cytophylactic, digestive, febrifuge and hydrating. It is a wild growing, herbaceous green and straw-colored grass, with long slender stems, terminal flowering tops and fragrant grassy leaves. It is harvested before the flowers appear and the highest yield is obtained when the grass is fully dried - about one week after it has been cut.

Specifications :
CAS Number 8014 - 19 – 5
Quality Geraniol - 82%, Ester - 8%
Botanical Source Cymbopogon Martinii
Synonym Rose Geranium Oil;Citronella Oil(Rg);
Palmarosa Oil Indian; Turkish Geranium Oil
Empirical Formula --------
Molecular weight --------


Appearance Transparent to colourless liquid.
Odour Sweet floral, sage,sweet citrus grassy citronella geranium odour
Specific Gravity 0.8805 TO 0.9007
Refractive Index 1.4750 TO 1.4798
Optical Rotation -0.500 TO +0.750
Geraniol Min. 80.00%
Geranyl Acetate 6.00% TO 10.00%
Use For the manufacturing of Methyl chavicol, seasoning of meat, etc.
Storage condition Store in well closed containers, in cool and dry storage area.